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Environmental Science & Consulting

Asbestos Testing, Mold Testing, Inspections 
and Remediation Services

Specializing in asbestos inspections, operations and maintenance plans, asbestos abatement project design, air monitoring services and project oversight, our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to environmental concerns.  Envirhome inspections, what is asbestosonmental Compliance Group has provided asbestos consulting services to commercial clients including shopping malls, office complexes, public and private school systems, manufacturing facilities, churches, local, federal and state government agencies, commercial real estate agents and brokers. 


Established in 1990, Environmental Compliance Group, Inc. (EGC) has been providing clients environmental consulting services for over 20 years.

Why Choose Environmental Compliance Group?

Quick Response and Guidance
Clients, and prospective ones, appreciate our quick report delivery and proactive communications.

Environmental Solutions
We ease the fear factor and provide a rational and economic approach and appropriate recommendations.

Technical Expertise
Environmental Compliance Group employees an experienced qualified team that is focused on meeting our clients' needs and we have dedicated affiliates for related work.


Environmental Compliance Group, Inc.   P.O. Box 192703   Dallas, TX 75219   
Office Address:  2907 State Street, Dallas TX 75204    Ph. 817.308.0999 Fax 866.624.8159

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